Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lulzsec Posts First Set of Alleged Gov. Documents

When people discuss about an attack on government, they do not often think of cyber attacks.  I have a feeling that is all about to change.

The Lulzsec group has uploaded a torrent to containing almost 500mb of documents from various law enforcement agencies in Arizona.  Lulzsec called for all hacker groups to unite to expose corruption in government, and this is the first instance of any documents being released.  The hack was confirmed by Arizona officials.

Why is this happening?  If I had to put a finger on where this all started, it would have to begin with Sony.  In my opinion, the start of what is sure to be an interesting story, began when Sony declared war on George Hotz (aka geohot).  You may not have even heard of George unless you own a Playstation  3.

Sony had originally allowed access for people to install Linux on their PS3s.  Then without notice, and after people had purchased their PS3 and installed Linux on it, Sony pushed an update to the PS3s via the internet which disabled the ability to use Linux, even for those who had already been using it.

Geohot was smart enough to figure out how to reenable Linux on the PS3 and led to this discussion at the Chaos Communication Congress.  So what did Sony do in response?  They sued geohot.  Bad move Sony.  The suit drew a ton of negative publicity and the particular ire of "Anonymous" - an anonymous hacker group.  Anonymous took aim at Sony here, here, here, here (there are more instances).  It caused serious damage to Sony.  The first hack showed Sony could not stop the attacks and had serious weaknesses in their infrastructure, so the attacks continued.  I think other groups were emboldened, including Lulzsec.  Attacks in the past were kept private in an effort to avoid attention from law enforcement.  Now, the hacks are to create attention to the effort.

It is reported that Lulzsec attacked Arizona law enforcement because of their opposition to SB 1070 and Arizona's anti-immigrant stance.  Whatever the reason, I am sure some poor IT guy in Arizona is losing serious sleep.